Bill Austin

"The tempo of the novel gallops along carrying an easily recognisable plausibility of the scenario. Written with passion and true heart and soul, sometimes it can uncomfortably too real. Loved the realism of places that I know being woven into the narrative. I would pay good money to see this cracking adventure as a movie!"

"This is a brilliant read. Its a full-cream, barrel-strength exploration of an alternative future for Scotland. Its somewhere between England a "what if?" And a "how about?", describing a rogue military coup unleashed with devastating consequences for Scotland and . Bullets fly over Stirling Castle, plots and murderous treachery abound."

"A politically emotive action thriller/drama peppered with Scottish humour."

Frontline Duty is a timely and important addition to the ongoing debate around the upcoming Scottish Independence Referendum. Much of the defence and security debate has revolved around questions about NATO, Trident, and intelligence – this is the first major work to consider customs and borders through a security framework which could underpin Scottish physical and financial security more generally. With over 35 years as an International Customs Consultant and direct operational experience in customs with the British Army across major conflict zones, Mr Austin’s analysis is insightful and is a major contribution to the present debate.

Dr Colin Fleming (University of Edinburgh)

Sean McAlpin, a professional soldier, loyally serves Queen and Country, until a sequence of events sets him up to be the victim of betrayal. The political situation in Scotland is in turmoil. Its people have been refused permission to hold a second referendum. McAlpin in his desperation to help his country, gathers forces and hatches a plan to make a stand against a corrupt government. They now have two choices, send emissaries to EU/UN hoping for a diplomatic resolution or if this fails, armed rebellion.


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